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DETAILS OF PRE-APPROVED DIGITAL SOLUTIONANNEX 3Company Digital Solution Name & Version Number1Appointment PeriodExtended Appointment Period2Standard Packaged Solution (ie. Minimum items to be purchased)UnitQuantity1)SoftwareQuickBook Software License for 1 Year - Multiple Users per entity - Handle Multiple Currencies - Sales invoice and quotes - Expense and Bills - Product and service items - Financial and GST reports - Banking and Reconcile Bank TransactionsPer Set Up1.002)HardwareNot Applicable3)Professional ServicesA) Professional Services for accounting module ($4,320)- Gather Business Requirements- Customised Design of Chart Of Accounts - Set up user access and company profile- Set up GST fucntion- Migrate Balance Sheet items- Migrate Customer and Supplier Static Data- Customise of form- Set up Inventory and customised service module- Migrate inventory or services itemsB) Professional Services for Sales Module ($4,300) - Gather Business Requirements for detailed sales data - Desig...