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4th Grade LWSD Art Docent Project: Radial Origami Sculpture Element of Art: Form Objective: to create a symmetrical sculpture made of 40 origami forms Artistic Influence: the origami of Akira Yoshizawa Elements of Art: Form Materials: • Black construction paper – 12” x 12” (one per student, the exact size is important) • Origami paper – 3” x 3” – 40 per student (again, the exact 3-inch square size is important) • Glue sticks Instructions and notes: 1. Before teaching the lesson, make sure you have at least 40 3-inch squares per student. 2. It is helpful to have some extra sheets of paper, in case students accidentally tear a sheet or two. 3. View all of the YouTube videos that are embedded in the PowerPoint slide deck and practice them on your own ahead of the lesson. 4. Allow students to choose their own colors. Having stacks of origami paper on a side table sorted by color is helpful in making this process go more quickly. 5. Discuss with students if they would like to have a mix of ...