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Contributions by: Caroline ClaisseChiara PergolaFuturewellMadeleina KayNiam DoddLouise RondelRosie MartinVanessa MarrEdited by:Angelika StrohmayerRosanna Bellini Since its unveiling in November of 2020, there has been a lot of chatter about the statue of Mary Wollstone-craft in North London. The statue is of course long overdue as it has been 200 years since Mary’s un-timely death and a result of a long and arduous ten year campaign to have the writer and philosopher’s contribu- tions to femi-nist thought and actions remembered. She has served as an inspiration to many for her determination to pro-mote education and rights for women; opening a girls boarding school at just 25 years of age. However, we note that the decision to manifest a (highly expensive) statue of ‘every woman’ rather than of her specifically, and the physical manifestation of this ‘every woman’ as a naked person on top of what looks a bit like a silver wave, is not welcome. This has come as a disappointment and a sh...