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Read Around the SubjectEnglish – GothicRecommended Reading ListBreatheAuthor: McNish, CliffJack is used to danger. His asthma has nearly killed him more than once. But his new homehas a danger he's never known before -the spirits of the dead. They can't breather. But inJack's house they can chase, hide, scream. Only Jack can see them. Only he can hear them.And only he can learn their secrets in time to save his mother - and himself...FrankensteinAuthor: Shelley, Mary WollstonecraftObsessed with the idea of creating life itself, VictorFrankenstein plunders graveyards for the material with which to fashion a new being,shocking his creation to life with electricity. But this botched creature, rejected by itscreator and denied human companionship, sets out to destroy Frankenstein and all thathe holds dear. Mary Shelley's chilling gothic tale was conceived when she was onlyeighteen, living with her lover Percy Shelley near Lord Byron's villa on Lake Geneva. Itwould become the world's most f...