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Remote Desktop Services White Paper | November 2014 ISM877-496-5350www.goism.com 2 Maximizing the Value and Performance of QuickBooks Enterprise with Remote Desktop Services Formerly known as Windows Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services is a proven technology that can help businesses reduce costs and save time. QuickBooks Enterprise is a powerful, easy-to-use financial management system. Growing businesses find QuickBooks Enterprise advantageous because of its ability to support up to 30 simultaneous users and handle large amounts of data and transactions. Less commonly know is that QuickBooks Enterprise works with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to provide even more convenience for larger companies with multiple employees working in QuickBooks. RDS is a technology that offers an efficient and cost-effective way to provide multiple users access to shared applications and data files. When used with QuickBooks Enterprise, RDS allows businesses to install QuickBooks on a server where ...