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FACT SHEET 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW | Suite 650 | Washington, DC 20009 202.986.2600 | NationalPartnership.org Repealing the ACA Endangers Women’s Health and Financial Security DECEMBER 2016 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation. Attempts to repeal the ACA not only put women’s access to health care in dire jeopardy, but threaten their economic security as well. Repealing the ACA risks going back to a time when women struggled to find affordable health coverage in the individual market, were routinely charged more than men for health insurance and often found that health coverage did not cover their essential health care needs. The ACA is working. The law has already improved women’s access to quality, affordable health insurance and needed care. Thanks to the ACA, most health plans are now guaranteed to cover critical women’s health services such as maternity care, contraception and well-woman visits. The ACA ensures that women and f...