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Being and Becoming: Representation of Women Issues in New Generation Malayalam Movies -Arya.C.A, Research Scholar,Dept.of English Muslim Arts College, Thiruvithancode, Tamilnadu (Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Thiruneleveli). Email:[email protected] Ph:9072934597 &Prof.Dr.D.Radharemanan Pillai (Research Supervisor) Dept.of English Muslim Arts College, Thiruvithancode, Tamilnadu Abstract : Cinema has now become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for all classes of audience-young students, tradition-bound house wives, struggling workers, busy corporate heads, and bureaucratic government officials, disciplining policeman etc. it has become a powerful tool to influence and impress the audience. Compared to earlier days there are women- oriented movies in our age. Women issues have become more commercialized now. Women who were always represented as the shadow of male have now turned as central characters. Apart from the role that the society imposes upon ...