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CITY OF RACINE ARCHITECTURE STYLESARCHITECTURE STYLESCITY OF RACINE | HERITAGE PRESERVATION PLANRepresentative Architectural Styles can be reviewed below.GREEK REVIVAL (1825-1860)SECOND EMPIRE (1855-1885)ITALIANATE (1840-1885)GOTHIC REVIVAL (1880s-1940s)COLONIAL REVIVAL (1880s-1950s)Greek Revival was a leading architectural style during most of the first half of the 19th century and is principally found in the eastern seaboard, the Midwest and Gulf Coast states, up until the 1860s.A reaction in England during the late 18th and early 19th centuries against more formal Classical-inspired architectural forms led to the embrace of more Romantic-Picturesque ideals of asymmetry, sublimity, and beauty of the perfect building. The Picturesque movement in England led to the more refined Italianate architectural style in the United States, where residential, commercial and institutional building types feature square tower elements, heavy bracketed cornices, hooded windows, quoins and elaborate p...