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REQUIREMENTS FOR AUTOMATED TRANSPORTSYSTEMS -A SYSTEM OVERARCHING APPROACH.SUSTAINABILITY, INFRASTRUCTURE AND EUROPEANRESEARCHArmin Gräter, October2021 Seite 2Der Europäische Grüne Deal | AK-43 EU | 23.09.2021SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY:BMW GROUP @ IAA MOBILITY 2021. Seite 3Der Europäische Grüne Deal | AK-43 EU | 23.09.2021308.10.2021Data sharing patterns between infrastructure and vehicles Seite 4Der Europäische Grüne Deal | AK-43 EU | 23.09.2021408.10.2021CCAM ecosystem with established and potential new roles Seite 5Thema | Abteilung | DatumCOOPERATIVE CONNECTED AUTOMATED MOBILITY (CCAM).PARTNERSHIP UNDER HORIZON EUROPE WILL SPEND 1 BILLION EUROS.Increase safety in road transportReduce negative impacts from road transport on environmentEnsuring inclusive mobility and goods access for allStrengthen competitiveness of European industriesEuropean leadership insafe and sustainable road transport through automationTheCCAMPartnershipwillachieveDeploymentReadinessforspecificUseCasesintheshort-...