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1. Each R-1 & R-2 residential lot shall have at least two (2) front yard hardwood shade trees or flowering trees. Corner lots shall have an additional two (2) over-story trees located within the secondary front yard (with street frontage). Each PRD residential lot shall have a least one (1) front yard over-story tree. Deciduous trees shall be 2.5” in diameter and coniferous trees shall be at least 6’ tall. Tree hardness shall be consistent with Minnesota hardness zones. 2. Front and side yards shall be fully sodded (hydroseed and seeding are NOT acceptable). Rear yards shall be sodded to a distance of 50’ from the rear of the house. All remaining unsodded areas shall be sodded or seeded- Required landscaping materials shall be warranted for growth for a minimum of two (2) years after planting3. After rough grading is completed, a signed As-Built Certificate of Grading Survey from a registered land surveyor shall be submitted to the City4. All driveways shall be hard-surfacedResidential...