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Resurrecting the Alien Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet in Hollywood Elizabeth Ezra The fourth film in the Alien quartet, directed by French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet, has had a somewhat different reception from the other films in the series. Alien Resurrection did poorly at the box in both Britain and the United States, where critical reaction, too, was much less enthusiastic than toward the previous Alien films. In short, Jeunet’s film has been largely dismissed by English-speaking fans and critics of the previous films in the series. What is it about this film that has provoked such scorn? Was it poorly directed, or was it some other aspect of the film that rubbed Anglo-American critics and audiences the wrong way? This essay will suggest that the anxieties that the film elicited among critics actually mirror some of the themes played out within the film. In this film, Ripley, played as ever by Sigourney Weaver, has been recreated out of a fragment of DNA retained from her body at th...