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Rethinking MapleSelecting Trees For Your Yard A Case for Species DiversityIOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCESCurrently, maples make up more than one third of all trees in Iowa communities, creating great risk of tree loss from insects and disease. This guide helps match species needs with site characteristics, to create a healthy and resilient community forest with a diverse mix of trees.Pin Oak NQuercus palustris60-70’ tall; 20-40’ widefall color, shade, low ph soils, wet sites, windbreak When selecting a tree, look for one that offers the benefits desired and matches the available space. Remember to consider the mature size. Be sure to look around the yard and neighborhood, and select a species that will add to the diversity on the block. Enjoy the interesting traits that different trees present throughout the year.Below are trees that possess certain desirable characteristics. Some species are listed in more than one category. Vibrant Fall Color Fall color is the primary reason mos...