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Review of “Phonetic Data Analysis” by Peter Ladefoged.Keith JohnsonDepartment of LinguisticsUC Berkeley“Old people can be hard to control” (PDA, p. 14).“Phonetic Data Analysis” (PDA) is a course book for instrumental or field phonetics courses andlike Ladefoged’s other major textbook “A Course in Phonetics” defines not only (or primarily)the content of the course but also a set of attitudes for doing successful phonetic research. Thisbook is important because Peter Ladefoged, more than any other person in the 20th century,defined the linguistic/phonetic curriculum, and a large swath of the phonetics research agenda inlinguistics.Ladefoged’s choices for the content of PDA were guided by his view of the aims of phonetic fieldwork. For him the chief aim of phonetic field work is language description at a segmentalphonetic level, with particular focus on unusual or rare sounds that challenge one’s view of whatsounds are possible in language. This aim leads to a focus on discovering what ex...