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RIGHTUP (pp. 4 - 9)(pp. 10 - 15)(pp. 16 - 21)(pp. 22 - 27)(pp. 28 - 33)(pp. 34 - 39)(pp. 40 - 45)(pp. 46 - 51)READINGA vocabulary puzzle, and using words in contextA story, ‘Sinbad the Sailor’, from 1001 Arabian NightsMatching vocabulary words to their pictures; identifying a word from its descriptionA biographical incident about a police detectiveA word puzzle and using the vocabulary in contextAn ‘info-mercial’ about foreign language campsA word search and using vocabulary words in context0RGHUQGD\VFLHQFH¿FWLRQDQGVRPHof its predictionsClassifying the vocabulary by their parts of speech; using words in sentencesWord puzzle, words in context, PDWFKLQJZRUGVZLWKGH¿QLWLRQV&URVVZRUGSUH¿[HVDQGEDVHZRUGVantonyms, alphabetical orderMatching words with clues, words and GH¿QLWLRQVDOSKDEHWLFDORUGHUZRUGVin contextInspirational stories of children who did heroic deeds Flying Monkeys: Animals in SpaceAeroplanes with strange designsFunny poems about manner mistakesVOCABULARYDo Y...