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Marinos, Lex. “Robert De Niro’sWaiting”,1995. (An earlier version of this paper appearedin The Weekend Australian, April 15-16, 1995).by Lex Marinos1 September 1995The question is, what sort of career wouldRobert De Niro enjoy if he was an Australian?Well, for a start, he wouldn't just be anAustralian, he would be an Italian-Australian.An important distinction since there are manysorts of Australian as the media continuallyreminds us. There are Greek-Australians,Chinese-Australians, Dutch-Australians, evenblack Australians. In fact, with over 140different ethnic groups here, there are more than140 different hyphenates. And it seems that theonly ones who don't require the qualifyinghyphen are the 'real' Australians. For 'real', readwhite Anglo. In media terms, it works like this:Paul Keating is Australian (not Irish-Australian),Nick Bolkus is Greek-Australian.The White Australia Policy still functions,unofficially and perhaps unconsciously in ourmedia, which of course is omnipotent insh...