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Roman Architecture Guildhall Art Gallery and London’s Roman Amphitheatre The Romans were really good at building. Even today some Roman buildings are still standing after nearly 2000 years. The Romans used lots of different materials for their buildings including stone, brick and wood – and sometimes concrete, all materials that we still use today to build. There were lots of different types of buildings in Roman towns and cities, just like there are today. Activity 1 See if you can find some important types of Roman building in the word search on the next page. Tick the box when you have found the word. • Forum A market where you would go to do your shopping. A large building with an open space in the centre for market stalls and lots of shops surrounding this. • Aqueduct Aqueducts were built to bring fresh water into towns and cities. With lots of arches they looked like bridges, but carry water instead than roads. • Amphitheatre A huge building like a modern sports stadium, but with...