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page 1 Run Lola RunAll Rights Reserved. © 1999 Film EducationRun Lola Run‘Run Lola Run’ is the third film from Tom Tykwer, and unlike many German films in recent years, it managed to find both critical and commercial success around the world. It’s bold visual style and thumping pop soundtrack, combined with an innovative narrative make it a fresh, exciting text with a number of areas of great interest.Set in Berlin, the film concentrates its attention on Lola (Franka Potente), as she tries desperately to find the 100,000 marks needed to save her boyfriend’s life. The film opens with Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) calling Lola to tell her of his terrible predicament. In flashback we see the events immediately leading up to the phone call. Manni, the courier for a black market car dealer, was supposed to have collected 100,000 marks and then taken it to his boss, Ronnie, who is clearly not a man to let down. However, Lola was late picking Manni up and so he took the train. The crucial moment i...