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DRAFT - MIT4 - "Run, Lola, Run - Film as Narrative Database" © Jim Bizzocchi 2005 [email protected] Page 1 Run, Lola, Run - Film as Narrative Database Jim Bizzocchi, Simon Fraser University Draft 3a Lev Manovich's analysis in the Language of New Media1 casts database and narrative as natural enemies. Although he sees a future for digital works that reconcile these two modes, he also recognizes that some linear cinematic works have already combined these forms. His exemplary database film is Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera.2 However, there are other works with even stronger claims as narrative databases. Run, Lola, Run3 is arguably the purest form of this specialized genre, which includes such diverse works as Rashomon, Time Code, Memento, and the BBC adaptation of The Norman Conquests.4 This paper is based on three readings of Run, Lola, Run. I will argue that each of these readings is a "remediation" (to use the terminology of Bolter and Grusin) of another media form. Bolter & Grusin5 us...