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RUN-ON AND FRAGMENT EXERCISE Below are examples of the four most common kinds of sentence errors, with an abbreviation next to each. In the practice exercises that follow, write the abbreviation that describes each numbered group of words in the space to its left. S = sentence Since he was feeling hungry, John cooked dinner. F = fragment Since he was feeling hungry. CS = comma splice John was feeling hungry, he cooked dinner. FS = fused sentence John was feeling hungry he cooked dinner ___1. One of the most popular films of all time being King Kong a film about a giant gorilla. ___2. Protests against immorality which became very strong by 1928. ___3. Americans will pay to cry the proverbial buckets, too, witness the success of a tear-jerker like Love Story. ___4. Movements toward censorship and federal regulations began. ___5. In the 1970's a new kind of spectacular became popular it allowed the public to have an almost real experience with disaster. ___6. In 1930 the movie industry ad...