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Lauren Spencer Professor Mary Hays Rhet 102 14 March 2017 Word Count 700 A Nakedly Dignified Short-Film and Documentary Duo: A Movie Review on the Film Ryan (2004) Ryan is an award winning 14-minute animated film. Who knew that anything animated would have so many subliminal messages? Who knew that in just a mere 14-minutes one could acknowledge the rise and fall of an Artist in a dignified way? This week I watched the Ryan, 14-minute animation, and I watched the hour and a half long documentary about the short film Ryan. Ryan is a humbly dignified movie about the life and struggles of well-known Canadian animator, Ryan Larkin. The movie, Ryan, evaluates the spiral of homelessness, drug and substance abuse, and art all together through the lens of Ryan Larkin. The pertinent factors of Ryan Larkin’s life, displayed in the movie Ryan, would be hard to understand without the documentary explaining the purpose and production if the short film. The documentary behind the short film is just ...