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04 October 2021 SACAP join all forces in celebration of World Architecture Day Today, 4 October 2021, marks the day of celebrating World Architecture Day. In celebration of World Architecture, the South African Council for the Architectural Professions (SACAP) joins together all forces to pay tribute to the architectural profession under the theme “Clean environment for a healthy world”. SACAP is cognisant that architectural professionals have the ability to change the world that we live in with their amazing work. On this day we continue to recognize the work of all our architectural Professionals as well as the important role they play in the built environment. As SACAP we have noted that architecture is something we tend not to appreciate as much as we should, as architectural professionals are undervalued, and poorly paid. This is exacerbated by those who work for low or non-existent fees. Not only does architecture have an impact on society at a high level, but it also has an impa...