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safeguardglobal.com©2019 Safeguard GlobalReduce payroll processing costs Remove the cost redundancies that come with having a distributed network of local or regional payroll providers, as well as the cost of data inconsistencies that may arise from these separate systems.Decrease global labor costs Standardize your payroll data—no matter the currency or language—to perform workforce spend analyses to inform strategic business decisions, such as moving roles to lower- cost labor markets.Strengthen data compliance A single source of global payroll data helps reduce potential violations of GDPR’s strict mandates on employee data collection, categorization and retention.Improve employee engagement with your HCM Give your employees around the world one-stop access to all the information that matters most to them, including payslips, benefits, tax deductions, PTO accruals and sick time.Elevate HR within the organization Spend less time on repetitive data entry tasks and instead focus on the...