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SAGE 20201stSecurity Industry Consultation Restricted29 July 2019 1 ProgrammeTimeItem2.30pm–3.30pm1.SAGE 2020 Policy Direction Key Thrusts2.SAGE 2020 Scoring System3.PLRD Main Office Checklist 4.PLRD Deployment Site Checklist3.30pm –3.50pmTea Break3.50pm –5pm5.PLRD Documentation Checklist6.SAGE 2020 and Beyond –Possible Changes7.MOM’s Assessment criteria8.Next Steps Recap -SAGE 2019: Policy Direction –Key ThrustsIncrease Emphasis on Systems Category •Weightage for the Systems category will be increased•Weightages for the rest will be correspondingly reduced•Renamed ‘Systems & Technology’ to reflect growing emphasis on technologyShift From Output to Outcome-Based Assessment•Reduce reliance on output-based criteria•More stringent requirement and assessment•Increase outcome-based criteria with greater weightage Job Re-Design to Weave in Technology for Productivity•Job Re-Design to cater to general profile of SOs•Weaving in of technology in the security processes to enhance productivity SA...