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European Journal of Science and Theology, March 2007, Vol.3, No.1, 17-30_______________________________________________________________________SCIENCE AND RELIGION IN THE SOCIOLOGY OFÉMILE DURKHEIMJesús Romero Moñivas*C.U. Villanueva and San Pablo-CEU University, c/ Costa Brava 2, Barrio de Mirasierra, 28034,Madrid, Spain(Received 16 January 2007)AbstractThis article intends to make a systematic exposition of the Sociology of religion at ÉmileDurkheim, in order to show the relationships between Science and Religion from asociological approach. With it, is also sought to claim the introduction of the socialsciences in the dialogue between the Sciences and Theology.Keywords: Science and Religion, Sociology of religion, Émile Durkheim, social sciences,Theology1. Introduction: Sociology in the ‘Science and Theology Dialogue’Often in the dialogue between Theology and the Sciences is not bear inmind the contributions of the social and human sciences, and everything remainslimited to a conver...