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Season 1 Episode 1: The Future of Stadia Tech TRANSCRIPT Sherri Privitera: Welcome to Drawing People Together. The new podcast from Populous where we'll bring you insights, expertise, and ideas from the people at the forefront of global venue and event design. I'm Sherri Privitera, Senior Principal at Populous, and I'm excited to be joining you for season one. Across six episodes, I'll be introducing you to my colleagues from around the globe who will lead deep dive discussions into the big issues and innovations that are shaping the design of large-scale venues and events, from stadia and arenas, to airports and convention centers, to the super bowl and the Olympic Games. Christopher Lee: Hi everybody, my name's Christopher Lee. I'm pleased to be joining Sherri for this episode of Populous' podcast. We have incredible guests here, joining us from around the world, day and night in their respective locations. We have Meg McWilliam joining us from Hong Kong, where she's the Lead Archite...