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Seaweek 2021 ‘What’s My Waka?’ Driftwood Sculpture Exhibition and Competition Friday 5 March to Thursday 18 March 2021 Connecting with our Seas Toi Moana – Toi Tangata Highlighting the connections between the sea and the people. Guide lines and entry form Using suitable materials found on the beach, create an exciting and imaginative ocean vessel sculpture for display in the Mezzanine Gallery at CAN, 16 Byron Street, Napier. Only materials found on the beach can be used and may include clean rubbish, such as plastic bottles, as well as driftwood and stones. Entry fee is $5. Two categories– under 16’s and over 16’s Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative sea vessel from each category Judged on 17 March 2021 Name: Phone: Email: Category (please circle) under 16 16+ Is your work for sale? Y N Bank Account # Retail Price? CAN’s Commission is 30% Sculpture/ artwork description/ name: Any size up to max: 1m x 1m x 1m (must be able to be transported up the stairs)  Please label your ...