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SecurLib/SSL – Easily integrate standard SSL cryptographic operations into your applicationsPurpose The SecurLib/SSL product family provides the power of comForte’s proven SSL implemen-tation to existing TCP/IP (socket) applications in two ways: • If you have access to the source code of the application and if the application is imple- mented in native code, SecurLib/SSL-classic allows you to add SSL encryption capa- bilities with just a few lines of code. • If you do not have the source code or do not want to change it, SecurLib/SSL-AT (Application Transparent) adds SSL encryption transparently, with no changes to the application or configuration. For example, SecurLib/SSL-AT can encrypt ATM traffic for existing BASE24™ installations. In both instances, your application will now fully support the SSL encryption standard without requiring the configuration and performance overhead of a proxy-based solution. Features & Benefits Proven SSL technology • The SecurLib/SSL products share cod...