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Unfulfilled: Working Paper 1 Unfulfilled? Setting a Research Agenda for Work, Labour and Employment in E-Commerce Logistics Jobs Based on a Review of the Public Evidence about Amazon Dominic Holland and Tom Vickers 2 NTU Work Futures Research Group Correspondence Dr Dominic Holland [email protected] Dr Tom Vickers [email protected] Work Futures Research Group Department of Social and Political Sciences School of Social Sciences Nottingham Trent University 50 Shakespeare Street Nottingham NG1 4FQ bit.ly/NTUWFutures Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank everybody who has assisted with the production of this paper and the evidence review, including: Vanessa Dodd and Maria Karanika-Murray, for comments on an earlier draft; Rich Pickford, for comments on earlier drafts, advice on dissemination and engagement, and typesetting the final report; Harry O’Shea, for authoring a blog on the implications of the report for trade unions; and the BFAWU and the GMB trade union, f...