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SHOULD I KEEP MY KIDS ENROLLED INHEALTH AND NUTRITION PROGRAMS?UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020Programs like Medicaid, CHIP, Marketplace Coverage (“Obamacare”), School Breakfast & Lunch, WIC and SNAP (“food stamps”) help your children lead healthier and stronger lives. You may have questions about whether your child’s use of these health and nutrition programs will affect your immigration status or your application for a green card. This document provides answers to frequently asked questions to help you make good decisions for your family.If my child receives health or nutrition assistance, will that make it more difficult for me to get a green card? No. Health and nutrition benefits your children receive will not count against you in your green card application. We recommend you continue to enroll your children in benefits programs that they are eligible for. Benefits that you get for your children or other family members are different from benefits that you may receive yourself. Including your...