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Proceedings of INTCESS2018- 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences 5-7 February 2018- Istanbul, Turkey 489 SIGNIFICANCE OF LEARNING NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION Shuchi* Assist. Prof. Dr., National Institute of Technology Mizoram, India, [email protected] Abstract In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze the importance of learning non-verbal communication for the students. Wordless communication depends upon decoding the sign language in the desired manner. Verbal communication becomes dull if the speaker has a listless face and awkward body language which makes the conversation boring and bizarre. Sometimes speakers’ lackadaisical face creates confusion in judging his/her mood. This problem has been identified in the classroom among the students when they are unable to give the suitable or desired expressions. To perform this research, data have been collected from 100 students by using questionnaire method about the importance of learning non-ver...