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1 SOC280H1F: SOCIOLOGY OF CULTURE Professor Vanina Leschziner Department of Sociology University of Toronto Fall 2022 Location and Time: RW117, Tuesday, 12:10-2PM Office Hours: Tues. 5-7PM, Room 398, 725 Spadina Avenue Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Yagana Samim Email: [email protected] Brief Overview of the Course This course introduces students to the sociology of culture, understood as an area of study that examines (one) social influences on cultural developments, and (2) cultural influences on social processes. While there is a distinct set of objects, practices, and organizations that are explicitly “cultural” (e.g., art, music, food, fashion) most of what we call “culture” happens beyond those domains. Thus, in this course, we will examine culture not as those narrow domains, but as an approach to the study of social processes; that is, as shared meanings, shared orientations to the world, shared repertoires of action, or socio-cognitive sch...