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1SOCI 001 Introduction to SociologySummer 2018, Georgetown UniversityMTWTh 5:45-7:45 SOCI 001-10Car Barn 303Professor: Dr. Elif Andaç-JonesOffice: Car Barn 209-04E-mail: [email protected] Hours: M W 4:45-5:45 and by appointmentCourse ObjectivesSociology is the systematic study of human social behavior. Sociologists examine not onlyhow social structures shape our daily interactions but also how society constructs social categoriesand social meanings.The purpose of this course is to offer an overview of the major concepts, theories andmethodologies of sociology, and enable you to think sociologically. Thinking sociologically enables usto make observations and offer insights about the social world that extend far beyond eithercommon sense or explanations that rely on individual quirks and personalities; to develop anawareness of the connection between personal experience and the larger society. Throughout thiscourse you will be introduced to “the sociological imagination” and be ...