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Social Emotional Learning Standards Goal 2: Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships. Why this goal is important: Building and maintaining positive relationships with others are central to success in school and life and require the ability to recognize the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of others, including those different from one’s own. In addition, establishing positive peer, family, and work relationships requires skills in cooperating, communicating respectfully, and constructively resolving conflicts with others. Learning Standard Early Elementary Late Elementary Middle/Jr. High Early H.S. Late H.S. 2A.1a. Recognize that others may experience situations differently from oneself. 2A.2a. Identify verbal, physical, and situational cues that indicate how others may feel. 2A.3a. Predict others’ feelings and perspectives in a variety of situations. 2A.4a. Analyze similarities and differences between one’s own and others’ persp...