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Page 1Sociology 1340Principles and Methods of Geographic Information SystemsFall 2018Professor: Kevin MwendaMaxcy Hall, 310Email: [TBA]Phone: (401) 863-1064Teaching Assistant: TBAOffice Hours: TBATA office hours: TBALecture Time and Location: Mon, Wed, Fri: 1-1:50pmSocial Science Research Lab (SSRL) – Maxcy Hall, 001Lab Time and Location: Fri: 2-4pmSocial Science Research Lab (SSRL) – Maxcy Hall, 001Course DescriptionThis course introduces students to the tools, techniques and underlying theories that compriseGeographic Information Systems (GIS) with the goal of enabling you to effectively deal with geographicinformation. GIS has been widely used in many domains beyond Geography; Sociology, Urban Studies,Engineering Sciences, Economics, Business, Public Health, and others. Sociology 1340 is an ice-breakingcourse into the core principles and methods of GIS that will enable you to become enlightened producersand consumers of geographic data, analysis, and products. By the end of the cour...