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1Sociology 404/604Statistical Methods in the Social SciencesLecture 404.1001Lab 404.1002Instructor: Office:Email: Office Phone:Office Hours:Teaching Assistant: Office:Email: Office Hours:General Comments about this CourseThis course is different than most sociology courses you have taken before. The purpose of this course isto increase your understanding and ability to interpret and manage quantitative data. For this reason, thiscourse does not deal with a particular subject matter in the usual sense but rather focuses on developingyour quantitative skills and knowledge in a broader sense. The skills you will learn in this class will allowfor more productive and successful study—regardless of your major. You will also learn valuablestatistical tools that will make you a stronger candidate in the labor market.Course OrganizationThis course will combine classroom lectures and discussion with both in-class and at home assessments.The lectures will be presented using power point slides tha...