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Sociology 446 “Colonialism and Society” (Fall 2020)Instructor: Professor Matthew LangeClass Location: Remote DeliveryClass Time: Wednesdays 12:45-2:15amZoom Office Hours: Tuesdays 11am and by appointmentEmail: [email protected] OverviewEuropean colonialism caused dramatic social transformations wherever it occurred. This course provides a generaloverview of colonial-induced social change and explores how the colonial past helps us understand present socialcircumstances. The course does not have a temporal or geographic focus. Instead, the readings cover diverseformer colonies located throughout the world and look at different social phenomena: social identities, gender,conflict, states, development, population, etc. Although all of the materials assigned for this course are based onempirical evidence, many also have normative components and take one of two sides: colonialism as a source ofpositive change or colonialism as a source of negative change. Similarly, many of our ...