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Sociology, B.S. (Capital) 1SOCIOLOGY, B.S. (CAPITAL)Begin Campus: Any Penn State CampusEnd Campus: HarrisburgProgram DescriptionSociology is the scientific study of society in all of its complexity. Itincludes the study of social structure, social interaction and socialchange from the micro level of small groups and families; to the mesolevel of communities, organizations, and institutions; to the macrolevel of globalization, war, technology and culture. The world today isundergoing tremendous changes and facing great challenges, problems,and possibilities. Sociology attempts to understand our world and toimprove it.The sociology major at Penn State Harrisburg provides a uniqueorientation to social change at multiple levels, including families,communities, organizations, social movements, institutions, society, andthe world system. The major addresses topics such as culture, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, inequality, urban life,globalization, environmental cha...