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Sociology/Social Ecology Major Kroll – November 2021The following requirements are subject to change without notice. To ensure that this information is current, youshould consult with a Liberal Studies counselor or review articulation agreements via the Internet atwww.assist.org.CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Sociologists are concerned with social life and the social causes andconsequences of human behavior. With a bachelor's degree, sociology graduates will be competing with otherliberal arts graduates. A master's degree could lead to such fields as social work (see the Social Work Majorsheet), human resources development, and public health. A PhD is usually required for teaching and researchat the university level and for high-level positions in research institutes, private industry and governmentagencies. Social impact assessment provides information on the effects proposed actions might have on thequality of life in human communities. Sociology goes beyond the limitations of personal experi...