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SOFT SKILLS FOREFFECTIVECOMMUNICATIONIntroductionAfter completing this Chapter, thestudent will be able to:•identify various soft skills,•understand the structure andprocesses of effectivecommunication,•relate soft skills with effectivecommunication,•write clearly and concisely,•communicate effectively, buildrapport and relate well with allkinds of people,•facilitate and support theprofessional growth of others,•focus efforts energetically onmeeting a goal, mission orobjective,•utilise logical, systematic andorderly procedures to meetobjectives,•work effectively and productivelywith others and•prepare an action plan to improveeffectiveness of his/hercommunication.8Having knowledge, i.e itself is not enough, we needto communicate it to others effectively. In facteffective communication is one of the keys tosuccess. By successfully getting our messageacross, we convey our thoughts and ideaseffectively. The message is the information thatwe want to communicate. It is essential to betechni...