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SCIENCE96Soil9Soil is one of the most importantnatural resources. It providesanchorage to the plants andsupplies water and nutrients. It is thehome for many organisms. Soil isessential for agriculture. Agricultureprovides food, clothing and shelterfor all. Soil is thus an inseparablepart of our life. The earthy fragranceof soil after the first rain is alwaysrefreshing.9.1 SOIL TEEMING WITH LIFEOne day during the rainy season Paheliand Boojho observed an earthwormcoming out of the soil. Paheli wonderedwhether there were other organisms alsoin the soil. Let us find out.Activity 9.1Collect some soil samples and observethem carefully. You can use a hand lens.Examine each sample carefully and fillin Table 9.1.§Discuss your observationswith your friends.§Are the soil samplescollected by your friendssimilar to the ones collected byyou?Boojho and Paheli haveused soil in many ways. Theyenjoy playing with it. It is agreat fun indeed.Make a list of the uses of soil.Fig. 9.1 Children playing with ...