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Special Topics: Recycled/Repurposed Art In honor of Earth Day, here are some art you can create with recyclable materials. Activities can be modified to allow children of any age to assist! Some Artists Use Recycled/Repurposed Materials Did you know that you can make art out of things other people might throw away? Take a look at some of these works of art! What did the artist use to make their art? Recreation of “Girl with the Pearl Earring” by Jane Perkins [Various Materials] “Sitting With Purpose” by James Lake [Cardboard] **Check Out This Video: The Art of Recycling (James Lake) https://youtu.be/hHvc9LT8s3U “Owl” by Ptolemy Elrington [Hubcaps from Cars] Make Your Own Art Egg Carton Creatures Have a bunch of egg cartons? [Paper cartons work best for paint!] You can create a variety of creatures: use three as the center of an ant, four of five for a dragon fly, or even use just one to make a bee! Start any of these ideas by painting your egg cartons and then letting them dry. Limbs f...