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UNIVERSITAS UDAYANA BALI INDONESIA SOUTHEAST ASIAN ARCHITECTURE COURSE DESCRIPTION 2 UNIVERSITAS UDAYANA BALI INDONESIA © StudyInBali GbR I 2018 Southeast Asian Architecture The 15-week program «Southeast Asian Architecture» at Universitas Udayana Bali is designed as a study abroad program and gives deep insights into the unique building culture of Southeast Asia – from a simple Balinese house to an exotic villa or a luxury beach resort. The emphasis is on comparing western and tropical construction design and making connections between styles, in order to achieve new harmonies in modern architecture. Besides the practical work on projects, there will be theoretical courses taught in English, covering interior design, hotel architecture and the architectural history of Southeast Asia. During lectures, field trips, and workshops, students will learn how harmonize traditional shapes, natural materials and Western demands. The international course is offered every semester; all subjects a...