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THE COURIERMICA (P) 011/02/2019JULY 2019ST ANDREW’S CATHEDRALSpectacular CELEBRATION OF HOPE in Singapore THE COURIERJuly 2019 EditorialWe are only half way through the year, yet so much has already happened at the Cathedral and beyond within the Diocese. We hope this issue of The Courier will give you a rich flavour of the huge cross-section of activities and events taking place.What is so exciting and extraordinary is the great number of people who answered our call to provide articles when we asked. As you can see from the contents, many of our contributors are new writers and artists and they certainly bring freshness and variety to our magazine. We are, as always, extremely grateful to our regular reporters who continue to maintain our high standards of ministry, inspiration and unfailing dedication.A courier is someone who carries messages from one place or person to another. In the same way, we have decided particularly in this edition to bringing you much good news in the form ...