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Production ContextReleased on 26 October 2015, starring Daniel Craig as 007 in his fourth performance as the fictional MI6 agent. Based on a book by Ian Fleming, the film was produced by British company Eon (Everything or Nothing) Pro-ductions and distributed by United Artists. The film was created with an estimated $245 million budget making it the most expensive Bond film and one of the most expen-sive films ever made. It grossed over $880 million at the worldwide box office. The poster was designed by Empire Designs, a British film promotion agency. The poster was released on 3 September 2015, as part of a wide global marketing campaign for the film.Social ContextThe masked man, wearing a skeleton mask was used to symbolise the Mexico City festival ‘Day of the Dead’, featured in the opening sequence. This did not happen in real life however, the interest in the film, and the govern-ment’s determination to promote pre-Hispanic Mexican culture, meant that one year later the local auth...