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Stainless Steel EdgingGuide to the Use & Installation Pavetuf Stainless Steel Edgings create a decorative profile for the edge of porcelain and ceramic paving designed for use externally. Ideal for creating a clean contemporary finish on raised patio areas, steps, swimming pools and borders. They can be used for paving 18-20mm thick and come in 2.45 metre straight lengths with Internal and External Corners to help with the ease of installation. They are only suitable for domestic pedestrian traffic.Pavetuf Stainless Steel Edgings are made from 316 grade Stainless Steel which offers superior resistance to corrosion and is typically used in marine environments and heavy industrial atmospheres.However, all stainless steels require some maintenance. Cleaning is necessary to preserve corrosion resistance. Stainless steel resistant properties come from the formation of a protective chromium oxide skin on the surface of the metal, protecting the base metal from exposure to moisture. Contamina...