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Stainless Steelsin Architecture, Building and Construction Guidelines forCorrosion PreventionNickel Institute Reference Book Series No 11 024 Stainless Steels in Architecture, Building and ConstructionThe material presented in this publication has been prepared for the general information of the reader and should not be used or relied on for specific applications without first securing competent advice.The Nickel Institute, its members, staff, and consultants do not represent or warrant its suitability for any general or specific use and assume no lia-bility or responsibility of any kind in connection with the information herein.This report was prepared by Catherine Houska, Technical Marketing Resources Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA, consultant to the Nickel Institute.Front Cover: The Gateway Arch (completed in 1965) in St. Louis, Missouri, is the second largest structural application for stainless in the world (904 metric tons) and is exposed to moderate pollution levels. The exterior Typ...