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Step by step guide to conducting an appraisal meeting 1. Prepare thoroughly for the meeting. Review the employee’s last appraisal form and make a note of which objectives have been met. If any objectives have been missed, consider the reasons. Failure to meet objectives will not always be the fault of the employee. Priorities may change over time, so that the objectives which were originally set become less relevant and are justifiably sidelined. Go through the new appraisal form and complete it in pencil – you may wish to change your assessment after the appraisal meeting, when you have taken your employee’s views into account. Wherever you are asked for a rating or an opinion, consider what evidence there is to support your view, for example sales figures, labour turnover statistics, accident records. An assertion about an employee’s performance may be met by counter assertion, resulting in a “stand off”. Evidence gives the discussion a solid base and is difficult to refute. Think ba...