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W:\Master Gardener\MG Handouts\Step-by-Step Xeriscape.doc Step-by-Step Xeriscape A well-planned xeriscape can be colorful and beautiful while conserving water and saving you time, energy, and money. Proper plant selection and efficient irrigation practices are the key. You need not rip out your existing lawn and garden and start all over. Xeriscape can be a gradual process with relatively inexpensive, weekend-manageable projects. Consider plants that are attractive, noninvasive, and relatively easy to grow. There are a lot of books and websites out there, and if you don't find what you need, ask the nursery or landscape experts. Find out the sun/shade requirements, cost, maintenance needs, and water requirements of the plants you're considering. Ask also about flower color and blooming time, leaf color and shape. To conserve water, choose plants that can tolerate drought after they are established. All plants require regular watering until their roots are established. For perennials, t...