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CommentCRIMINAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: STOPPING THE FLOW OFHAZARDOUS WASTE TO MEXICO"If you wish to regulate the conduct of 10,000 people, you canwatch 5,000 or 3,000 and punish them moderately--or you cancatch one or two and boil them in oil."IINTRODUCTIONThe United States shares 2,000 miles of common border with Mexico thatis traversed by a number of rivers and streams, and for years thesewaterways have been greatly polluted. 2 However, a new conduit ofpollution has recently come into focus in the border region: the roads thatcarry tons of hazardous waste from the United States into Mexico.Pollution in America has been the subject of concern for some time now,but the problem has only recently become an issue of major importancebetween the United States and Mexico. Drug trafficking and illegal immigra-tion have long held priority over pollution. 3 The problem has only come tothe forefront in recent years, as the United States has shipped more and morehazardous waste to Mexico. 4 One reaso...