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Story of Renaissance & Mannerism/Elizabethan: change from a natural shape to a distorted shape •15th and 16th centuries •The construction of the Renaissance. From visual perfection and a natural treatment of the body inspired by ancient forms, to a distorted treatment of the body that still shocks and inspires today. 1482/1592 •The Middle Ages is often referred to as the Age of Faith •During this period religion dominated all aspects of life from architecture, literature, art and music. •The dominant religion during this period was Christianity. •The Gothic east end of Cologne Cathedral represents the extreme of verticality Jan van Eyck, invention of oil paint •The Arnolfini Wedding, 1434 •32.4 in × 23.6 in •Man in a Red Turban, 1433 Book of Hours remarkable manuscripts in this luxurious book that incorporated calendars showing ordinary people doing work April June Poulaines!